Anyone over the age of 12 fishing in fresh waters must have a valid rod licence. You can buy these online at the Environment Agency website

Environment Agency

Every serious angler should be a member of the Angling Trust. We fight to protect fishing from pollution, poaching, commercial over-fishing, illegal navigation, over-abstraction and many other threats. We also promote angling and encourage more people to go fishing. Join today!

I’m David Miller, angler, diver and bird-watcher, and I specialise in paintings of game, sea and coarse fish underwater.  If you’re a UK fisherman you will have seen images of my paintings on your rod licence.

It is well known that quality, price, customer service and reliability go without saying at Askari. We pay high attention to precise and perfect service.

Welcome to Fish South East ...

If like us, you love coarse fishing and live in or are visiting the South East corner of England, this site is for you. With hundreds of well stocked commercial fisheries, miles of canals and many stretches of superb river fishing, S.E. England offers some exceptional coarse fishing.

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