Established in 1933

All types of fishing are available, and it is an ideal place for beginners to learn to fish with a pole, or a rod, whilst relaxing in the peaceful surroundings.


Water level at Water End looks like stable at present and no sign of any flooding.

At present no fishing will be reviewed later this year.

Introduction of fish in the waters has started nice looking bream going in, with also Tench and roach.

Digger has started today at the New Water has gone down 7ft but will stabilise around 5 to 6 feet. Digging out is now about completed with just completing the bank and surrounding area.


Mixture of Silver fish with Tench, Perch, Crucian Carp, Bream, Roach and Carp

Only float fishing allowed.


New water under development some of the images of the existing water that will be dug deeper and expanded, more update on this development later in the year.


Due to the amount of rain we have experience Bridigo is suffering with extreme high water and is partially flooded.

A couple of Golden Carp showing in the surface at Bridigo. Fish is starting to move around looks good to fish. (or a member mentioned large gold roach)


The fish at Cublington are getting fed at present as the natural food in the water is still poor .

At present the water level at cublington is ok at present, fishing well at present.


Carp on the feed water still a little bit low


Fishing well at present at the water, picking up good size of bream with also Tench and carp on the feed.


All up and running start of launch 1st June 2024

Water Stocking

Silver fish being stocked at Binghams


Otters have paid another visit to Bridigo, Trevor fixing the wire mesh to railings trying to keep them out. Jan 2023