Established in 1933

Membership Update

At present the Membership for the Club is now open please contact if requesting to join for further details.


Membership Price

  • Adult (18 – 64) £60
  • Family £70
  • Senior Citizen  (over 65) £45
  • Disabled £25 with a concessionary disabled rod licence issued by the Environment Agency
  • Junior/student £25
  • There will be a joining for of £20

1st June to 31st May

Payment Details

All adult and senior citizen members can let a close family member I.e., spouse, partner,
children, grandchildren fish with them as long as it’s in the same swim.

Any amendments of a standing order must be carried out by the member.

All payments must be a standing order or bank transfer to be received by the Club in the 1st
3 weeks of April.

Why We Love Fishing